New Crypto ATM at Schiphol

New Crypto ATM at Schiphol

You Can Now Exchange Your Leftover Euros for Crypto at Schiphol AirportAmsterdam Airport Schiphol, the main international gateway of the Netherlands, has announced that, starting immediately, passengers at the busy airport can exchange their leftover euros for cryptocurrency, including BTC and ETH at an automated kiosk. The ATM is on a trial period and Schiphol claims to be the first European airport to offer this service.

“Schiphol is constantly looking for ways to innovate and provide optimum service to passengers,” says Tanja Dik, director of Consumer Products & Services at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. “With the Bitcoin ATM, we hope to provide a useful service to passengers by allowing them to easily exchange ‘local’ euros for the ‘global’ cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum. That can be beneficial if, for instance, it’s not possible to spend euros in their home country.”

Six Months Trial

You Can Now Exchange Your Leftover Euros for Crypto at Schiphol AirportThe airport explained that for now, the Bitcoin ATM at Schiphol is on a six-month trial period aimed at exploring whether demand for this service exists among passengers. The machines are located in Arrival Hall 2 and also in the corridor to Departure Halls 1 and 2, where thousands of passengers pass through daily. Importantly, the placement also enables visitors to Schiphol Plaza to reach the ATM, enabling them to buy cryptocurrency even if they are just passing by.

This trial is the result of cooperation between Schiphol and the Dutch company Byelex Data Solutions BV, operating under ‘The Byecoin Company’. “We are excited that Schiphol is willing to join us in exploring ways to introduce passengers to the new cryptoreality,” commented Byelex director Herman Vissia.

Schiphol isn’t the only airport making crypto advancements. Recently we reported that at Brisbane Airport in Australia, all merchants and airport terminals have begun accepting various digital assets, making it one of the friendliest cryptocurrency airports in the world.


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